Reuterina™ Daily
Adult health probiotic
Reuterina™ Daily

Because Reuterina™ Daily is clinically proven to colonise the entire GIT, it is
recomended whilst on antibiotic therapy to help restore flora on the GIT.

1 per day during a course of antibiotics, unless otherwise prescribed by a healthcare professional. it is recomended to continue for a few days after antibiotic therapy.

  • Helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.10
  • Assists in protective immune system regulation and helps maintain the body’s
    natural defence against diseases in already healthy individuals.10
  • Helps inhibit disease-causing bacteria in the GIT, including Helicobacter
    pylori 11,14,15,16 and may help to control occurrence of associated gastric
  • Helps increase workplace healthiness by reducing short-term sick leave
    caused by respiratory or GIT infections.27

Reuterina™ Daily: Each chew tablet contains a minimum of 1 x 108 live freeze-dried cfu's of Lactobacillus reuteri PROTECTIS® (Strain DSM 17938) until expiry date.

Available in blister packs of 10’s.

*(cfu = colony forming units)