Reuterina™ Acute
Adult intestinal health probiotic
Reuterina™ Acute

Because Reuterina™ Acute is clinically proven to colonise the entire GIT, it is recomended whilst on antibiotic therapy to help restore flora on the GIT.

1 per day during a course of antibiotics, unless otherwise prescribed by a
healthcare professional. it is recomended to continue for a few days after antibiotic

  • Helps reduce frequency and intensity of antibiotic related gastrointestinal
    tract (GIT) side-effects12,14 such as bloating, gas and nausea.
  • Helps reduce the frequency and duration of diarrhoea associated with
    antibiotic use.
  • Is well-tolerated for use in adults and children12 and has no negative effect
    on the outcome of concurrent antibiotic therapy.15
  • Active dose is valid until pack expiry date.
  • Available in 10 chew tablets.
  • Once daily dose.

Reuterina™ Acute: Each chew tablet contains a minimum of 1 x 108 live freeze-dried cfu's of Lactobacillus reuteri PROTECTIS® (Strain DSM 17938) until expiry date.

Reuterina™ Acute is packed in 10’s packs, is lemon flavoured and is chewable.

*(cfu = colony forming units)