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South Africa's most prescribed 5, 6 probiotic – Reuterina's superhero strain helps restore and maintain intestinal health AND a healthier immune system10,21

Besides its obvious digestive role, your tummy and the rest of your gastrointestinal tract (GIT) are also the primary site of your body's immune defences. Which means having a healthy tummy is not just nutritionally important but also vital for fighting the disease-causing bacteria (pathogens) and allergens that enter your gut.7,8

"Good bacteria" are naturally occurring bacteria (intestinal flora) that live in your GIT and play a significant role in helping maintain its health and immune capabilities.8, 9

If the levels of these intestinal flora are compromised, you can turn to the Reuterina™ range of supplements to assist in restoring and maintaining a natural balance.10

L. reuteri, a proven true probiotic11 in Reuterina™ products, has been clinically shown to help:

  • reduce the incidence of common antibiotic related side-effects, including antibiotic associated diarrhoea (AAD)12,13,14
  • combat infectious diarrhoea and its incidence and duration11
  • inhibit disease-causing bacteria in the GIT 11, 15, 16
  • relieve colic symptoms in infants 17, 18
  • enhance the immune system and increase the number of immune cells in the body 10, 19

The Reuterina™ range is categorised according to two primary uses…

Short-term supplementation when taking antibiotics 12,13,14
Short-term supplementation for infectious diarrhoea11,21
Colic symptom reduction in infants17,18
Supplementation during vaginal infections1,2,3,4,22,28

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Daily use

Daily supplementation to help maintain your family's general immune health10 Daily supplement for feminine health 1,4

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Announcing the lucky winner of our R5000
Le Creuset pot set competition!

Congratulations to Shirley-Ann Evans, who walks away with her new Le Creuset pot set valued at R5000! We’re sure her family’s tummies will be happy with that.

The winners of the R500 vouchers are Marie du Plooy and Adele Ephraim.

But perhaps even more importantly, thanks to our many entrants, we have donated R10 000 to 4 charities to feed hungry children. If you entered, thank you for your part in this great initiative.

We’ll soon be launching another competition so if you didn’t win this time, make sure to keep an eye out on our website or Facebook page for that! Like our page if you haven’t already.

For a list of references, please click the hyperlinked numbers in pink on your screen to be taken to the References page.
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